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Free POS Software

No paper, no calculator to record your inventory and analyze your sales.

A software is a kind of blessing to all the small and large companies in the industry. A major concern for almost all corporations is its sales related operations. To relief you from pressure and worries, we have brought POS software  for you. We have been providing the most quality, inexpensive and user-friendly POS software since the time of our expansion in the software industry.

Get accurate information on your inventory and sales. We have come up with a brilliant software that will record your inventory and sales data in an automated way. All you have to do is to upgrade your stock information. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly Reports will automatically be generated according to the inventory records and sales. So, as you understand the necessity and the effectivity of this software on your corporation, you must choose the best POS software available.

Many POS software from many software companies are available. But what makes us different? The difference is that we listen to our clients and provide special attention on our quality service. Why should you pay extra for the features you don’t need? Its simply waste of time and money. So, we make what you want. That’s what makes us the best service provider of POS software . Our another specialty is that we provide inventory module integrated with sales. Whatever if you have an internet connection or not, our software can be operated with or without internet. So, we are deemed as the Leading POS Software Provider .

free pos software

Features of our POS software

Being a software provider, our POS software(Muno POS) has some unique features.

Product entry:

In our software, you need to enter your products along with the product image, price, product unit, quantity, bar-code, product code, category, Tax etc. Product importation can be done through CSV or manual process. You are also able to generate bar-code for a specific product.

Sales feature:

When any product a , you can see it through the sales feature with the date, name of the biller, name of the customer, the price of the product, accepted amount and due. You can also see the products that are sold manually if it is entered into the software. For this purpose, you need to a  the sales data through CSV or manually.

Purchase feature:

You can add the purchase data through the Bar-code reader or manual process. To see your exact profit, you can add the expanse in this software. There lots of features for purchase in our POS software including discount, Tax, payment method etc.

Transfer feature:

For making a unique POS software , our team encircled a cutting-edge feature in our software which allows you to transfer inventory data and product among the warehouses. When products are moved from one warehouse to another, you can easily shift the data of your inventory along with the movement of your products.

Report feature:

To make our POS software as the best POS software we have developed a wide range of unique reporting system which will give you the best analysis of your inventory and business at a glance. We have incorporated warehouse stock chart, best sellers, products report, registration report, product quantity alert, adjustments report, categories report, brands report, daily sales report, payment report, profit/loss report, daily purchase report, monthly purchase report, overall purchase report, expense report, customers report, suppliers report an stuff report in our software.


Customizable products are easy to use and cost efficient in most cases. Why should you pay extra for your updates and extra features? Just add the features you need and make the software easy but efficient for most of your employees with our POS software.

To get the experience of the best POS software , visit our web page and contact with us. We, Roopokar keeps our client on top of everything and to fulfill their need we are ready with our arsenal of the technologically equipped developer team. Besides the best POS software, our company also provide Website design, software development, (HR, Marketing, Inventory management, Accounting, Commercial, SEO etc.) etc. services.

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