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A good web designing company could do wonders to your business and overall image. One common thing amongst the world’s most successful brands and companies or for that matter some very successful small business, is that they have websites that communicate with their customers, almost seamlessly. They work with the best web designers and ensure that they are focussed entirely on their consumer experience. CybeFort, is precisely that web design company in Sri Lanka who can transform your business with a world class website that delivers great results, irrespective of whichever part of the globe you are from. With a strategic perspective, we are the No 1 source for the best website design ideas for business. We are sure clients have millions of questions while going about their website designs or for that matter searching for a website redesign company. Here are a few that we believe are the most frequently asked web design questions.

How can I get my website designed by the best web designers in the world?
How to design a website from scratch?
How to make a website look good and functional?
Should I design a static website or a dynamic website?
What is the average cost of website design for small business?
What are the trending Website Design Ideas?
How to design a website layout that works for my business?
How to make a website look professional?
How do I make my website look good on mobile?
How to improve a website performance?
Design Methodology


Web Design is an expression of one’s business. A picture speaks a thousand words. Look and feel of any product is what attracts any buyer. As the adage goes “The first impression is the last impression”. Developing and launching a new product, service through a brand requires fine-tuned orchestration of design excellence. This should merge with the user understanding that create an everlasting impression on the customer. To achieve this, we have web designers who have a deep understanding and knowledge of the business and strategies of design expression. Being one of the best website design company in Srilanka, we serve you with user-centric and ultimate digital experience. Here is how we create individual masterpieces for our clients as we are a passionate bunch of website design and development enthusiasts. We are always aware of the website design cost calculator when we start any clients project.
  • Design Philosophy

    We lead global web design and development companies in creating unique solutions. Our trendsetting design philosophy is based on extensive user research and a complete understanding of the product or service to be offered. Design strategies are developed with a magnificent combination of scientific, marketing and technical skills. Here are some of the philosophies that can elicit ultimate results in terms of website performance.

    • Use of Excellent Symmetry: Symmetry in the design appearance enhances aesthetic value of your website.
    • Celestial Navigation: We make it easy for users to move around your website. We use clickable buttons, breadcrumbs and other tools wisely to compel the users to take action.
    • Visual Hierarchy: We ensure to drive the good traffic and receive the appropriate information by highlighting the most important sections of the website. We choose right colors and suitable size text and images to achieve this.
    • Perfect Typography: We have a knack of choosing the right fonts to keep the user engaged with relevant flow.
    • Purpose: We ensure that our designs are catering to the needs of the users they are intended for with simple and straight forward.
  • Design Model

    A close study of Web Design Services Srilanka reveal a template driven approach to design. We do not adhere to the same. Our design models are built from scratch. We follow a Spiral Model at the designing stage. A Spiral Model helps better communication and iteration for a fine-tuned design. Let’s give more details of the designing process:

    • Wireframe: Wireframe is a low-fidelity way to present a product or a service that can efficiently outline structures and layouts. A wireframe is the fundamental and visual depiction of any design. Costing website also becomes easier through this process.
    • Mock-up: Unlike a wireframe, a mock-up looks more like a finished product. It is not interactive and not clickable. It is the first graphic representation of the design. This gives a better understanding of your finished project.
    • Prototype: Prototype is similar to the finished project. Here, the design flow can be simulated and user interaction can be tested. It saves a lot of time in terms of unreasonable UI design and helps to obtain user feedback and test the product.
    • Feedback: We believe working dedicatedly on each task to give the perfect solution and build a user-friendly design with best user experience. Unlike most of the web design and development companies, we seek your complete support and valuable feedback at each of this stage to achieve an incredible design.
  • Design Trends

    New styles are moving boundaries, with a stronger focus on documentation and accessibility guidelines, making websites more consistent and accessible for the users. From an aesthetic and UX point of view, we accommodate the best design for you which stands out from any other web design services in Srilanka. We also ensure that we hire the best website designers in Srilanka to give our clients nothing but the best.

    • Flat Designs: These are the simplest two-dimensional illustrations that are more preferred for better loading time and good UX.
    • Animated Gifs: We hardly get time to impress a new visitor. Gifs are the best way to hold on the visitor and convey instantly even the complex ideas.
    • Conventional Bots: Are you wondering, what are bots to do with the website design? Yes, folks. Just having a bot doesn’t suffice our purpose. How we design a bot and how interactive it is will increase your session time and chances of conversion.
    • White Space: The white space keeps the design clutter free and enhances user readability.
    • Asymmetrical Layouts: These are new trends that help in drawing the user’s attention to specific sections on a web page.
    • Website Accessibility: This is a provision provided to individuals with some disabilities. WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) are important to make sure it provides equal experience and opportunity, regardless of who is visiting the website.
  • Responsive Web Design

    CybeFort is renowned as an acclaimed web design agency Srilanka. We are always on the forefront of modern developments in design and accessibility. As we all know Google has announced that all the new websites will be indexed using the Google Mobile-First Indexing. With Responsive Web Design features, it is guaranteed to increase your conversions. As a responsible website design company in Sri Lanka we lay emphasis on designing websites that are absolutely aligned to all devices as per global standards for our national and global clients, alike.

    • User Experience: The users get the advantage of browsing any website based on their convenience with any device in their hands.
    • Browser Compatibility:This is one of the best features of Responsive Web Design as users can be from different parts of the world browsing from different search engines. The visibility increases with compatible features of the website, which directly drives more traffic and increases conversions and hence the income.
    • Search Engine Optimization:A responsive website loads faster to enhance the user experience and improve search engine rankings.
    • Low Budget and Higher Maintenance: Since developers need not develop different versions of the same web pages, responsive web designs save time and cost of developing and maintaining any website.
    • Higher Conversion and Income: With increased usage of smartphones for shopping and browsing, mobile-friendly sites are seeing a spurt in traffic. Especially E-Commerce sites are developed for massive conversions and ROI.

Not any hidden charge, Choose you Package

We have different type of packages to choose with your need with reasonable price.

Basic Website
  • 5 Pages Static Website
  • Business Analysis
  • Unique & Responsive Designs
  • SEO Compliant
  • 1 Alteration
Corporate Website
  • 20 Pages Static Website
  • Business Analysis
  • Unique & Responsive Designs
  • SEO Compliant
  • 2 Alteration
Business Portals
  • 30 Pages Static Website
  • Business Analysis
  • Unique & Responsive Designs
  • SEO Compliant
  • 3 Alteration
Unique Design
Website Redesign
Landing Page Design
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